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How Does Barter Work?

Watch this short video and learn about the power of barter and how it can help your business grow!

Manitoba’s largest and fastest
growing barter exchange

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Trading Members:

Let us introduce you to the amazing world of Barter!
The oldest form of commerce…

Do you have surplus inventory, downtime, empty tables at your restaurant, vacant hotel rooms or available advertising space in your magazine? If the answer is YES, than we want to work with you!

As a solution for companies with surplus inventory or services, MK Global Trade can offer you a way to sell your product or service and purchase other products or services without using existing capital! Many companies are using MK Global Trade to moderate inventories, reduce lost revenues and offset cash expenses.

MK Global Trade was founded in 2007 with the purpose of creating the best and most innovative Barter Exchange Network in Manitoba. We’re pleased to announce that we are Manitoba’s largest and fastest growing Barter Exchange! With representation from British Columbia to Quebec, our current client base is nearly 600 locally owned businesses and thousands throughout Canada.

Learn More! Fill out this form and a MK Global Rep will contact you within 2 business days.

Fast & Easy Application Process


Meet and Discuss

Meet with a MK Global Trade rep to discuss the membership and how the barter system can reduce overhead costs  for businesses and help with personal expenses. We’ll provide a temporary pass to our website so you can view our member directory and available products.


Sign & Submit our Membership Agreement

Fill out and submit the membership agreement form. One will be provided to you during your meeting or you can have it emailed / faxed to you upon request. A one-time payment of $300 plus GST must be paid to our office via: debit, e-transfer, credit card, cash or cheque.


Start Trading!

Each member is assigned a sales broker. Your broker will arrange trade transactions on your behalf and assist with managing your account. Any requests for services / products or promotions you want to advertise to our network can be directed to them.