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Why pay for it when you can trade for it?

MK Global Trade is a B2B barter exchange that services business owners within Manitoba. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large corporation you can benefit from bartering.
We are passionate about helping local businesses through barter. Many businesses don’t have the capital to try different marketing methods, aren’t able to purchase gifts for their staff, or cannot to take a personal vacation. We can help make this happen through barter.
The reps at MK Global Trade are committed to being an extension of your sales force. We strive to grow your business, cut your expenses, and support your brand. We do this by creative marketing methods, suggestive seller, and learning the ins and outs of your business.

B2B Bartering - is it for you?

All businesses go through a slow period or season. It’s a normal occurrence, but it can have a lasting negative effect. Product-based businesses can become overwhelmed with excess stock. Service-based businesses have a hard time keeping their staff busy. Facilities can tarnish their image by having empty tables or vacant rooms. Each of these scenarios creates further complications within a business, but joining a barter exchange can help eliminate them.

By bartering you create a second line of income for your business. You’re also able to sell that excess inventory, fill your schedule with additional business, and get people into your facility. The best part? The reps at MK Global Trade will be an extension to your sales team. They will advertise your business, generate and track leads for you, and assist you with spending your barter income.

Whether you’re product-based, service-based, or can issue gift cards, your business can be a part of MK Global Trade’s B2B bartering network.

Multidirectional barter is easy with MK Global Trade

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MK Global Trade’s Story

MK Global Trade was founded in 2007 to create the most innovative Barter Exchange Network in Manitoba.

We’re pleased to announce that we are Manitoba’s largest and fastest-growing Barter Exchange!

Our current client base includes more than 600 locally owned businesses and we have barter alliances from British Columbia to Quebec.

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