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BARTER is the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of cash. Barter was around long before cash. With advancements in computer technology, bartering systems emerged as a means by which simultaneous business-to-business barter, greatly increasing the benefits of barter.

A barter system removes the limitations that traditionally were part of any barter transaction such as:

  • the need for equal dollar value
  • the mutual need between two companies for each other’s product or service
  • the time it can take to coordinate the transaction

Maximize Cash Flow

Maximizing cash flow is a top priority of all businesses. Whether it’s a small or large expense, why would you pay for it when you can trade for it? We specialize in reviewing budgets and converting cash expenses to barter so you can increase your profits without sacrificing vital services/products. Have you ever wanted to try a service or product, but were hesitant due to the cost? With barter you can try different businesses/services/products without using exisiting captial. Barter is not meant to replace the cash your business needs, its a way to supplement it.

Generate Additional Sales

One of our top priorities is to generate new business for our members. We will continue advertising and discussing your business until we find you valuable leads! 90% of our leads turn into sales. Most importantly, we will never bug you during your busy season. Barter is best for when you’re in a slow patch, if you have excess inventory, or want to gain more traction on a offer or promotion.

Free Advertising

MK Global reps are an extension of your sales force. We will promote your business and trade offers on your behalf at no extra cost. Your business description will be added to our online directory and your logo will be featured on our website. We will include you in our “new members” newsletter as well as our weekly “trade offers” newsletter. Above all else, our reps will discuss your business and offers to other members directly.

Barter Sales Lead to Cash Referrals

If members are satisifed with your business, they will tell their family members, friends, affiliates, and co-workers about it. They will even leave you a review and/or follow your social media.

Sale Incentives & Employee Benefits

Reward and pamper your employees through barter. Members can offer their staff trade dollar bonuses, incentives, gift them with scrip, or even provide a basic benefits package.

Network with Local Business Owners

When we coordinate trades, it’s always between business owners. That gives you the opportunity to discuss their business, your business, specific services, the barter system, the weather, the economy, or whatever comes to mind!

Support Local Businesses

We have 500+ members within our network and 90% of them are local businesses. Franchise owners can join our exchange, but the majority of our members are local business owners. When you support local businesses you support the local economy.