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Member Testimonials

Since 2007 MK Global Trade has processed thousands of trade transactions and bartered with several hundreds of local businesses in Manitoba. We’re happy to say that many of our clients who joined in 2007 are still trading with us today. We appreciate every referral and every business that joins our network and are excited to say we have over 600 local businesses as part of our barter exchange.

Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club Inc.

Regan Katz, Assistant General Manager

"The Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club Inc. has been a proud member of MK Global Trade since 2008. The people are great and their service is tremendous. Martin, Adel & Micaela are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure they are helping us fulfill our goals. When it comes to MK Global Trade, never be afraid to ask, they'll usually find a way to make it happen."

KUB Bakery

Jeff Einfeld, Sales Manager

“We’ve been with MK Global since 2007. I believe MK Global Trade has opened up some new markets for us. Markets that weren’t possible before. Martin is very well connected. He’s gotten us some business, he’s moved some of our product and we’ve been a better company for utilizing MK Global Trade.”

The Clean Concept

Leslie Caron, Owner

“Working with MK Global Trade has changed the way I do business. It has helped alleviate some of the cash flow challenges that I have as a business by using trade dollars in exchange for products and services. When I need a service or product for my business, I turn to MK Global Trade first.Martin and his Staff always manage to find me what I am looking for. If they don’t have a business in the barter system that can provide me with what I am looking for, they will find one! I have referred many businesses to MK Global Trade because I believe they will benefit not only from the exposure to their business, but also expose them to businesses they might not otherwise deal with. It is a way to network with other businesses that are looking for the same thing… to promote their company. In conjunction with providing you with more cash flow to run your business; its a win win situation. The dedicated, hardworking, and conscientious staff at MK Global Trade are the reason why many businesses refer others to them, thus giving business owners more products and services to choose from and making MK Global Trade the fastest growing barter company in Manitoba.”

Dar Creative

Darlene Walsh, Owner

“MK Global has delivered on everything that was promised and then some. I enjoy working with the MK Global staff; its is a company that cares about its members and works hard to ensure every trade is a win win situation. I recommend MK Global Trade on an ongoing basis because barter truly is good business and MK is the best barter company in the city.”

Impossibility Products

Alex Jay Hamm

"I've been a member for a few months and it's already been more then worthwhile. Id say its paid itself off within the first month easily. A great way to get a little extra business coming in. Also the products offered by other companies in the program are things that are very useful for most business owners. I would definite recommend trying it out."

Sagehill Stables

Darlene Dolinski

"Excellent Service, extremely good value with a high professional attention from MK Global Barter and their staff. A wonderful option to help a business promote their own products and services. An essential tool for a business to have for supplies or services needed or for a wonderful and productive way to also promote that businesses service and products. We highly recommend MK Global for it's resourceful help they give to our business. We have processed thousands of dollars both on our Business services/products we offer and on supplies/services we have needed. Excellent job done MK Global Barter Services."