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Benefits of Barter

BARTER is the exchange of goods and services between parties without the use of cash. Barter was around long before cash.

A barter system removes the limitations that traditionally were part of any barter transaction such as:

  • The need for equal dollar value
  • The mutual need between two companies for each other’s product or service
  • The time it can take to coordinate the transaction

Maximize Cash Flow

Maximizing cash flow is a top priority for all businesses. Eliminate current expenses by purchasing them with trade dollars instead. It also allows you to purchase services/products that are outside of your normal budget. Barter is not meant to replace the cash your business needs, it’s a way to supplement it.

Increase Sales & Efficiency

During your slow period, MK Global Trade can advertise you to the network. We will help you move product, coordinate services, or sell gift cards on your behalf. This is a great method of brand exposure and helps keep your staff busy.

Free Advertising

MK Global reps are an extension of your sales force. We will promote your business and trade offers on your behalf at no extra cost. Your business description will be added to our online directory and your logo will be featured on our website. We will include you in our “new members” newsletter as well as our weekly “trade offers” newsletter. Above all else, our reps will discuss your business and offers to other members directly.

Employee Benefits

Instead of writing a cheque to reward your employees, gift them with scrip certificates or offer incentives and bonuses with your trade dollars.


Earn cash-paying referrals through other member’s friends and family. Growing your company will be linked to referrals from your satisfied barter customers.

Networking Opportunity

Trades are coordinated between business owners. When you’re connected to another member, that gives you the opportunity to discuss their business, your business, specific services, the barter system, the weather, the economy, or whatever comes to mind!

Local Businesses

Our barter exchange is full of local businesses. When you do business with one of our members you’re supporting the local economy.

Request a Free Call Back

An MK Global Trade rep will call you back within 48 hours of your request.