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About Us

MK Global Trade was founded by Martin Kahan in June of 2007.

Martin has worked in the barter industry since 1997. With proven knowledge of business operations, barter, and client relationships, he decided to launch his own barter exchange.

To have the most innovative and successful barter exchange, Martin knew the following components had to be prioritized:

  • A fun and comfortable atmosphere for clients.
  • A team culture of being creative and suggestive selling.
  • A fair set of rules and regulations for multidirectional trading.

Throughout the years, MK Global Trade stayed true to its values, and we’re happy to say we’re now the largest and fastest-growing barter exchange in Manitoba. We have over 600 members locally and connections to other barter exchanges from coast to coast.

The values have stayed the same, but MK Global Trade’s barter approaches have always been unique and different.

Long before the wave of technology, MK Global Trade would create, print, and mail out monthly newsletters. New sign-ups would be based on referrals from current members. Martin launched an annual networking event/party called “Chrismukkah”. In which members of MK Global Trade were invited and encouraged to bring business associates. Everyone would gather for drinks, food, and contests. It was a great time and a comfortable environment to talk about business. Trades were recorded with trade slips, which had to be signed by participating members. All updates were done by a phone call or mailed letters.

Once technology and social media took off, in-person gatherings seemed to diminish. Environmental issues became more apparent within the world too. MK Global Trade adjusted with the times. Email marketing replaced printed newsletters, digital invoices replaced trade slips, paper statements were a thing of the past, and a social media presence was created.

As we all know, COVID-19 changed the economy once again. An opportunity to rebrand was taken. Our social media platforms became our main method to connect with business owners, the signup process became completely virtual, phone/video calls were encouraged, and a new website was launched so our clients could shop online and have their account information at their fingertips. Virtual services were prioritized. Curbside pickups were offered. Businesses were able to generate a second line of income and keep their staff busy during a time where everyone’s ‘cash’ became scarce. As most businesses were slowing, we saw an increase in member sign-ups. With businesses suffering and still needing cash for necessities, MK Global offered sign-up fees in trade, allowed more partial barter transactions, and encouraged all members to support members within the network outside of barter.

This is a testament that barter, the original commerce, will always adapt to modern-day society. Throughout the decade MK Global Trade was able to withstand the changes in society without compromising the foundation of their business.

Martin is still the owner of MK Global Trade and is accompanied by a small team who all follow the same motto...

Why PAY for it when you can TRADE for it?